Interview 2: So much for easy pickings.

This job was supposed to be the layup. College degree, experience, and I was just going for part time under my usual pay rate.

Well, the problem with that one is when you’re in the same industry, the same field of work going to a competitor after you lose your job… well they’re most likely just using you.

The interview itself went fine, but I should have realized that I was being interrogated about how the company did.

What sucks about this one though is I feel used. Lesson learned I suppose.



1st interview: Retail clothing store.

This job interview was arranged through my former district manager S through a recruiter. Days after getting the gruesome news that I was to be laid off I had job leads falling left and right into my lap! Oh boy was I lucky! Hell, I didn’t even have to look for the job myself, my friends gave me the position with a glowing recommendation.

When they say when God closes a door he opens another people forget to mention the part when you’re about to walk through that open door and get that shit slammed in your face.


Recruiter M for G and I had a great chat on the phone. I can say honestly, without being boastful that I killed that shit. Demeanor, tone, and you know I was looking dressed to impress even though it was on the phone. Most people think they can do a phone interview with their nuts hanging out and still portary an aura of professionalism.

Then again most men these days still think its okay to show up to work with a pair of torn up bootcut jeans and flip flops (more on this interview some other time). Draper and I do not agree.

I’m feeling confident, ease up a little bit and I hear nothing back for 2 weeks. Call M back upon which I get the line: “We want to make sure you succeed with G Corp. and don’t want you to start in a slow seasonal period. You’re on the top of the list for _______ position though! We’ll call you when we start hiring again in March for sure!”




699 to go.